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Who We Work With

The Architects of Elevation

As an agency, we are selective as to whom we work with in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the collective intention and vision of our client partners. Our desire is to support those who truly empower, evolve, heal and in-lighten humanity through positive messages of love, light and social consciousness. 

It's all about Frequency

Your Resonance is your Reach

Fear is not a frequency we allow into our sphere of influence. We consider ourselves watchdogs for the planet to some degree, here to assist those seeking true self-actualization and empowerment to find the best that the world has to offer. 

Earth is Part of Our Equation

ZENPIRES are Balanced with Love

We’re passionate about the conscious individuals and companies that we align with to better expand their reach. For us it’s not just about the money. It’s about working with those who truly want to make the world healthy, sustainable and fair, and leave a legacy of light upon our planet and all we call life.

Online Broadcasting Experts

Streamline Your Online Presence

We can consult you on all of the online software, media incorporation and broadcasting techniques that best serve your light and vision!

Full Circle Development

In addition to Public Relations, we intuitively address your overall brand and web development strategy to ensure the greatest path of efficiency, longevity, and success!

Personal Support

You are more than just another client, you are family. We only take on a handful of clients per year to ensure the greatest personal attention and support.

Powerful Inspiration

Working with our team means you are working with intuitive experts who can provide “lightbulb moments” that can change the trajectory of your business and increase your overall impact to the world.

Efficiency Experts

We know that time is money, and as such prioritize a targeted and efficient approach. We will get you as much exposure as possible in the fastest time possible.

Get Inspired

Schedule a Discovery Call to determine how we can best assist you with your current media goals.

Brainstorm with Us

Not sure what to do with your brand? What your vision truly is? Or simply where to start? We’re here to help with that too!

Social Media Mastery

We have partners who specialize in social media, happy to assist you in finding the platforms that truly match your goals. 

Public Relations is Our Specialty

Build your ZENPIRE and elevate your LIGHT

Zenpire Media was designed to be an engine of empowerment for those in the transformational body-mind-spirit space, as well as other conscious evolutionary segments of personal development. This means we do the work of elevating people and their purpose into the mainstream so that they can focus on what they actually do as authors, healers, teachers and visionaries. We also assist brands, products and service-oriented companies to find their audience through complete media platform development.

Our Main Powertool

We are all online marketers and have our own brands, whether we know it or not. Every Facebook post, Tweet, blog entry and YouTube video markets who we are and what we represent to the world. Some people have nothing of importance to share other than their favorite lipstick color and have an audience of millions. Others have keys to extraordinary solutions for life, and struggle to rise above the mainstream static to reach even a handful of people. What we do is empower leaders to elevate their online platform to get sustainably seen and heard in the mainstream. We do this so that they become more than just leaders. We do this so that they become evolutionaries.

How we Reach the Higher Elevations

The key here is we have everything under one roof, so there is a cohesive vision and collective collaboration that streamlines communication and execution like no other firm out there. Sure, you can go to one person for public relations, another for social media management and another for your book launch. But when it’s three separate companies, it can get messy to keep timelines alone in order. Now, you have one call to make and you can trust that all works together seamlessly with efficiency, allowing you to just be you.

Partners, Clients & Allies

Who we work with is a selective few. Those companies, brands and individuals that are here to leave a legacy of light for others to follow and immediate generations to thrive from. We not only consult, we collaborate and serve as an agency of strategic partnership between like-minded talents, inspirers and brilliant light-workers whenever possible. We believe that through collective collaboration, we all win.